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A Charming Game of Chance

Roulette, which means “small wheel” in French, appeared for the first time in the entertainment quarter of old Paris in the 17th Century and today it is enjoyed by many people throughout the world.

The Board

The game of Roulette consists of the wheel in which the ball rolls and eventually comes to rest in one of the wheel’s pockets, and the board, the playing field on which you set your chips. In French or European Roulette the wheel is divided into 37 pockets numbered 0-36 alternating between red and black, but the pockets are not in numerical order around the wheel. There is a green pocket numbered 0.

Note: On the board the numbers 0 to 36 are laid out numerically.

Roulette-Game instructions PDF

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Gambling can become addictive. Admission from the age of 18 and above. Identification requirement.
Helpline: 0800/1372700 (free of charge).