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My first visit

1. How old I have to be?

The statutory age is 18 years!

2. Which identity document do I need?

Before entering the casino you have to identify yourself by showing your passport.

3. What is the entrance fee?

2 Euro*! The Casino Esplanade offers you the whole world of gambling: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Slots. Additional attractions are our bar, lounge, terrace, live music...

* In the other Casinos (Reeperbahn, Steindamm, Mundsburg) the entrance fee is 1 Euro.

4. What is the Dresscode?

The casino is a place for upscale entertainment. To meet this postulation, there is in every casino a "dress code". For the classic games area (Roulette, Black Jack and Poker) you are supposed to be well dressed: Men have to wear a jacket. The lady selects a blazer, a dress or another outfit that looks fine. In the area of slot machines at the Casino Esplanade, the other locations Casino Mundsburg, Casino Steindamm and also in the Casino Reeperbahn casual wear is fine.

5. Do I have to play when I'm in the Casino?

Not at all! You can enjoy the atmosphere, have a drink at the bar, meet up with friends at our live events or enjoy our beautiful terrace in summer.

6. Where can I find everything at the casino?

Talking about Casino Esplanade, the slots and the classic game are spatially separated. The slot machines can be found on the ground floor. The classic game and the RedBlack lounge are on the 1st floor. You can get there by the stairs or by elevator.

7. What is the process in the casino?

Once you have registered at the reception and the 2 Euro entry fee is paid, you either go to the slot machine area (ground floor) or enter the classical game area (1st floor) or the lounge / bar. If you would like to participate in the game, you have to exchange money for chips at the casino bank. And now you can start having fun!

Before leaving the casino you have to replace the chips back, because  they are  property of the casino.

Cash can be obtained at the cash machines in the lobbies by EC card or credit card with your personal code. Usual fees are charged.

8. How much is the minimum bet?

Minimum Stakes are 2 € at the Roulette Tables and 10 € at the Black Jack.  The slot machines are already starting at 1 cent. 

9. What’s about the “Tronc”?

Tronc is the French word for the “box”, in which the tip money is collected given by guests who made a win:  If you make a win, it is common to thank the croupier with a tip. An example: If a guest bets a chip on one number (Plein), it is customary to give one chip for the employees (at a token win of 35 chips).The croupiers are paid (apart from a guaranteed minimum salary by the casino) exclusively by the amount which is collected in the Tronc.

Not only at the classic game but also in the Slot Machines area are tip boxes for donations to the employees, who do the service around the slot machines.

10. Can I play even if I do not know the rules?

No problem! All employees will help you with the rules.

For example: how much do you win if you bet at two adjoining numbers ("Cheval"), how to bet with your own personal value tokens in the American roulette or why "Ace" and "Ten" beats everything in Blackjack.

11. Who should I speak to if I have questions about the rules of the game?

To answer your questions, you can ask our employees of the casino. They are available at any time. The first contact for questions are the ladies and gentlemen at the reception.

You can also find free descriptions of the games at the reception. In the slot machine area there are service employees and technicians you can ask.

12. What forms of payment are accepted at the casino bank in the playing area?

We accept cash. For EC- or Credit cards cash machines are available in the lobbies. Usual fees are charged.

13. What about parking space?

Our parking garage is open from 12-4 Clock and costs for casino visitors € 1,50 per hour and a maximum flat rate of  € 6. There is also the possibility to use the parking garage at Gänsemarkt. Driveway on the Welckerstraße.

Gambling can become addictive. Admission from the age of 18 and above. Identification requirement.
Helpline: 0800/1372700 (free of charge).