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Casino Hamburg realises its goals by operating the casino in compliance with the governmental provisions of the Hamburg Casino Act, the Gaming Regulations and the stipulated public service.

It strives continuously to achieve maximum guest satisfaction, focusses its services on the expectations of its guests and devotes unlimited attention to the needs of its guests, as these are indirectly its employers.

However, Casino Hamburg is fully aware that there also guests who show signs of problematic gaming behaviour. Casino Hamburg would like to offer such guests specific help by means of this Social Concept.

(Excerpt from the Declaration of the Management to Quality Policy 10/2006)

This Social Concept encompasses the following measures

- Prevention
- Early recognition
- Intervention
- Training and advanced training of employees
- Special protection and suitable means of help

Legal framework

The conducting of games of chance is regulated within the federal states by means of the granting of licences. Whereby a licence is intended to channel people’s natural gaming urges and to do justice to the high social responsibility involved in gaming. This approach is in line with the provisions of the law on the new regulation of gambling dated 14th December 2007, the State Treaty on Gaming dated 1st January 2008 and the amended State Treaty dated 1st July 2012.


Pathological gambling is designated an illness in the classification system of psychological disorders with the corresponding diagnosis codes. The German Pension Insurance Association ranks pathological gambling as "permanent, recurring and maladjusted gambling behaviour with an impulse control disorder” and recognises a “non-substance related dependency syndrome”.

Problematic and pathological gambling

Problematic gambling behaviour is concerned with special types of games of chance, in which gambling goes beyond a simple leisure activity. In such cases it must be assumed that the type of gambling behaviour seriously impacts one or more areas of daily life. These include in particular the family, social and professional environments. It also effects the financial circumstances of those concerned. (Baumgärtner, Konturen 1/2008 S.8ff)

Experts differentiate between various manifestations of problematic gambling:

Risk gamblers and losers

- Irrational logic behind the stakes
- Indebtedness
- Risk of losing control

Excessive gamblers

- Thrill
- Tolerance development
- Maintaining the thrill by increasing the dose

Desperate gamblers

- Further development of the risk gamblers and losers
- Solving of debt problems through gambling
- Isolation of the person concerned
- High risk of committing illegal acts

Key factors for the manifestation of such a gambling addiction are among other things the personality and social environment of the endangered gambler and the availability and the system of the game.

The Social Concept of the Casino Hamburg respects the above-mentioned definitions of the type of gamblers, but is aware of the overlapping of the individual classifications and incorporates these in its active policy for preventing addiction.

Phases of gambling addiction

Addiction to gambling is normally process-orientated. The individual steps here comprise the progression from free will during gambling to compulsive, irrefutable “having to gamble”. Whereby social and personal values are neglected in favour of compulsive gambling. The indebtedness that goes hand-in-hand with this intensifies the development.

A distinction is made between the following phases

- Phase of winning
- Phase of losing
- Phase of desperation


Casino Hamburg would like to conscientiously prevent gambling addiction early on in its first stages and to contribute actively to effectively combating addiction.

For this reason the range of games on offer is limited and steered into supervised and organised paths. Within the framework of the range of games on offer, Casino Hamburg ensures that the games of chance are conducted in a proper manner.

In addition the gamers must be protected against fraudulent activities and the risk of consequential and accompanying criminality averted. It goes without saying that Casino Hamburg also observes the legal requirements of youth and gamer protection.

Gambling can become addictive. Admission from the age of 18 and above. Identification requirement.
Helpline: 0800/1372700 (free of charge).