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It is the aim of Casino Hamburg to ensure reliable measures for the prevention of additcion with its Social Concept. The range of games on offer takes aspects of gamer protection into consideration. Casino Hamburg demands responsible gaming from its guests and ensures adequate clarification of the chances of winning and the risks of real-money gaming. The measures for the banning of endangered persons from gaming (by means of identity checks and gaming bans) must be observed. Casino Hamburg also provides information about relevant help institutions and centres.

Early addressing of problematic gambling behaviour with personal talks by qualified staff are a standard part of gamer protection at Casino Hamburg. Appropriate flyers and brochures supplement this support as well as the option of a gaming ban.

By keeping these brochures available the trained staff of Casino Hamburg enable the communication of suitable institutions (emergency telephone, advice centres, self-help institutions).

Public presentation of the range of games

Casino Hamburg bases the publication of the different range of games at its four locations on the provisions of the State Treaty on Gambling. It therefore provides information about the diversity of the range of games offered by a state licenced casino without generating excessive incentives to play by means of any extras or animations.

Information for interested gamers about the possibilities of participating in a controlled game is communicated by classic advertising measures.

Classic advertising measures

- Printed instructions for playing manual games and for slot machines

- Flyers with information about entertainment offers for playing without real money

- A brochure with collective information about all locations

- Bus advertising, radio spots, billposting, information about locations on the side windows of the underground and city trains

- Free gaming demonstrations at closed or public events

- Various printed service and scatter gifts

- A website with a description of the locations, range of games and event calendar

- An electronic newsletter sent to a defined circle of interested guests

- Register entries and ads in media and city maps popular with tourists

- Co-operations with interested media and companies (information events)

All advertising media and printed material include warnings about the possible dangers of addition.

Early recognition / prevention / limitation of gaming participation

Legal age, identity and possible bans as well as any obvious signs of impairments of awareness (intoxication) are checked before admission by the entry control at the reception desk.

The limited group of persons permitted to participate in gaming is regulated by the State Gaming Regulations and the State Treaty on Gaming. Persons who are underage or whose income and financial circumstances do not comply with participation in gaming must be excluded from taking part.

This applies in particular to persons who are verifiably known to be at risk of becoming addicted to gambling or who are overindebted, cannot meet their financial obligations or risk gaming stakes that are clearly out of all proportion to their income or financial circumstances. Where applicable these persons must be entered in the list of banned persons.

Gaming bans can be declared by Casino Hamburg or requested by the gamer him/herself or a third party. This is in particular the case if pathological gambling behaviour has been diagnosed.

Staff training

A training programme has been developed for qualifying staff in line with the Social Concept. The Office for the Prevention of Addiction of the Hamburg Landesstelle für Suchtfragen e.V. regularly carries out seminars for the employees of casinos.

Due to their continuous contact with the guests, the employees responsible for taking care of guests are the first point of contact for gaming problems. They maintain personal contact with their guests and conscientiously fulfil their responsibilities vis-à-vis guest and casino. This enables targeted surveillance of gaming behaviour and the taking of measures appropriate to the individual circumstances where necessary.

Training courses for managers are evaluated.

Updating of the Social Concept

The Social Concept of Casino Hamburg is systematically updated at given times to bring it in line with the current situation.

Gambling can become addictive. Admission from the age of 18 and above. Identification requirement.
Helpline: 0800/1372700 (free of charge).